Registration of an EU trademark


An EU trademark registration (EUTM) is a cost-effective alternative to protect your client’s mark in the European Union. The registration process takes around a half year. The registration period is ten years and the registration can be renewed for subsequent periods of 10 years.

Our service includes:

  • Drafting and filing of trademark application
  • Reporting search report of the EU Trademark Office (EUIPO)
  • Checking and reporting publication
  • Checking and forwarding Certificate of Registration
  • Watch of trademark registers in the EU for one year.

The price does not include drafting or checking of list of goods and services, translation of priority documents, or measures relate to the registration authority issuing an office action, or to third parties objecting to registration of the mark. In such services are needed, we will provide you with a separate quotation.

After ordering the product, we will contact you by email to inquire which trademark you wish to register as well as priority claims. In addition, we will ask the goods and/or services and classes for which you wish to register your trademark. We advise to use good and service items listed in the Harmonized Database (HDB) of the TMclass service as those will be automatically accepted by the EUIPO.

We strongly recommend purchasing a Trademark protection consultation service (below), if you are unsure of the format in which your trademark should be registered or of the goods and/or services, or if you need other consultation relating to your trademark.

Also remember to purchase the EUIPO application fee and necessary class fees from below.

If your application contains more than one trademark class, select the necessary additional EUIPO class fees. Alternatively, if you purchase the aforementioned trademark protection consultation add-on service, you do not have to decide at this stage how many classes your application covers. Instead, we will give you a recommendation and ask you to pay the additional official fees that will be required.