Good Patent Applications paperback (44,90€ + vat 10%) (postal fees included in Finland and in Sweden)


Does the value of a patent depend on how it was written? Yes, it does. Seemingly small decisions made during the writing process can have a great impact on value – either positive or negative. This book discusses such decisions in light of the two most important quality criteria that good patent applications should satisfy: (1) the independent claim should be broad and secure, and (2) the rest of the application text should facilitate good claim amendments. It also provides step-by-step advice on how a good patent application can be written.


This book is intended for patent professionals who administer a patent portfolio and oversee the drafting of new applications, so that they can learn to assess and improve the quality of their patents. It is also a guide for patent attorneys and other specialists who want to ensure that the applications they write are as valuable as possible. The book also serves as a concise introduction to patenting for beginners and for technology experts who only deal with patent decisions every now and then.

The book contains 106 pages.

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Thomas Carlsson (D.Sc. in Physics and M.Sc. in Philosophy) works as a patent attorney at Boco IP in Helsinki, Finland. He has also worked as a patent examiner at the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.